What are the best things to do when you have free time?

As we all know there is totally lock-down in our country India because of COVID-19 and we are not allowed to go outside unnecessarily. So why not to use our free time effectively.  Here is some list which you can do at your free time while being in the home-

Reading Books-

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Reading should be your habit when you have free time in your hand because it helps to increase our knowledge which helps in our career path.

You can read a good novel which will create your interest, if you don’t have hard copy in home then you may prefer for online reading as well.

Learn a new language

If you love to learn new language then this is best time to start while being in the home, there are more than 6000 language in our world.

The best way to learn new language is to watch movie so you can enjoy while learning new language.


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Many a people love to cook but if you don’t then you may try to learn cooking.

If you want to learn then are so many recipes in internet. So go for it.

Some of the online cooking guides which i can refer to all for beginners who want to cook, such as –




and there are numerous.

Waste out of best

If you love to do something creativity then why not to go for it!

There are so many things you can do from waste and decorate your home like from magazines or newspaper or cardboard you can make so many things which also easily available in home.

I have tried to make wall hanging and decorated my wall.

Listen to music or sing a song –

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As listening to music makes our mind fresh so why not listen to music or sing a song and record it which can help to make your singing better.

Play a indoor games with family-

There are so many games which can play with family like playing card, carom etc.

This is the best time to spend time with family.

I hope this article will help you!!

So now your turn, let me know in comment section what is your favorite hobby?


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